"PUBG Mobile" update 1.2 is now available with the game developer confirming all the big news from the patch. Players are up for another wave of new features, activities and other content for a more exciting and immersive gaming experience. Here's what's new in the hit battle royale game with the arrival of the latest update.

"PUBG Mobile" Update 1.2

The latest update for the hit mobile battle royale title rolls out in a phased manner. It will be available on the Apple AppStore at 3:00 UTC on Jan. 12 and 6:00 UTC on Google Play Store on Jan.12. For other supported platforms, the update will be available starting at 10:00 UTC on Jan.12. The latest update is 625 MB on Android and 1.5 GB on iOS. Players can go to their respective app stores and download the latest "PUBG Mobile" update to unlock the new set of features, improvements and other contents.

What's New In "PUBG Mobile" Update 1.2

In Update 1.2 the Erangel map boasts special runes from another world that grants players with special powers, After downloading the update, players unlock the new Runic Power Mode. It features a new limited Runic Power gameplay available until Mar.17.

As mentioned above, the new mode allows players to select the Rune energy type on Spawn Island to obtain unique abilities during the gameplay. A new weapon, in the form of FAMAS gun, is also available in "PUBG Mobile" update 1.2. The new weapon uses 5.56 ammo and can be used in the battle royale classic maps.

The FAMAS features the fastest Rate of Fire among rifles and ideal in close range combats. Players can load it with 25 rounds of ammo. It also features Muzzle, Scope and Mag that players can customize to fit their play style. While the FAMAS does not come with a foregrip, it has its own bipod that minimizes recoil when shooting at a prone position.

"PUBG Mobile" also features the new Armor Mode that starts on Feb.5 in Evoground. Update 1.2 also rolls out the latest chapter of "Metro Royale: Honor." There is also the Subscription Festival that starts on Jan. 13 and runs until Jan. 27.

During the Subscription Festival, players who subscribed to Prime and RP Prime get exclusive discounts from the BPShop and RP Redemption Store. Aside from those, they also receive daily login rewards, exclusive BP redemption items and a lot more.