General Motors dropped a short teaser of their upcoming electric vehicle release, which will involve a new iteration of the Chevy Bolt EV and a crossover version that the automaker named Chevy Bolt EUV. The preview came with the confirmation that the official introduction of the two vehicles is happening in the next few weeks or anytime this coming February.

The reveal supported the earlier speculations that the new Chevy Bolt EV is not rolling out with noticeable alterations. If anything, the car will catch the eyes because of design improvements that mostly were focused on the interior.

In so far as the drivetrain is concerned, the refreshed Chevy Bolt EV will largely carry over the driving experience seen in the last installment. That is why the spotlight will be trained on GM's new baby - the Chevy Bolt EUV.

As the label suggests, the EUV trim is a small SUV or more appropriately, a crossover, according to Engadget. The decision to build a Chevy Bolt crossover is obviously GM joining the prevailing trend and the car as all-electric should add to its appeal.

It is understood that the Chevy Bolt EUV will be delivered with GM's take on autonomous driving and the official name will be Super Cruise. Automatically, this self-driving feature will go against the super-hyped Autopilot from Tesla, and the same report said initial reviews of the smart technology gave it a slight edge over the competition.

However, it remains to be seen if GM's Super Cruise will continue its lead on the AI-powered driving function. It should be noted that Tesla constantly updates its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving services and Elon Musk said perfecting the smart technology soon is not a remote possibility. So expect the competition on autonomous driving to further heat up.

In any case, the Chevy Bolt EUV release is GM's last effort that will feature its existing generation of EV technology, Electrek reported. For the future rollout, the automaker will deploy new EV models that will be powered by the new Ultium technology.

GM already indicated that Ultium will be rolled out with several upcoming EVs over the next few years but likely the most-awaited model is the Hummer EV that will hit the market in pickup truck and SUV versions.

The resurrected Hummer brand was revealed last year and GM said the initial release is happening late this 2021. The availability was thought to happen earlier this year but the automaker was forced to push back due to the coronavirus pandemic that started in March 2020, which is the same reason for the delayed arrival of the Chevy Bolt EV and EUV.