The GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 will not hit the road until the latter part of 2021 but already the all-electric supertruck has been sold out, at least for the initial batch of production. Since the monster truck's pre-order proved to be a monster hit, GMC promised that more Edition 1 units will be assembled to meet the high demand.

It appears that the Hummer EV did impress following its introduction and GMC failed to anticipate that many would want to own the revived supertruck. The automaker confirmed that the pre-order numbers exceeded expectations and the initially planned production level will be short of the placed orders.

According to Electrek, the first Edition 1 production will amount to 10,000 units but this could see a notable jump as GMC claimed that more Hummer EVs will be assembled. This is in response to the surprisingly high number of pre-orders for the electric truck, which will boast of 1000 horsepower and 350 miles of range per charge.

The company said the units reserved for the pre-order were immediately snapped up and the allocated supply dried up in just 10 minutes. GMC, however, did not specify how many Hummer EVs were listed as confirmed orders, thus it is unclear how many more will be added to the original production numbers.

It is expected that GMC will commence the assembly in the last quarter of 2021 and the same report indicated that the company will still ascertain if more units can be inserted into the production. GMC must determine first if the manufacturing facility can deliver to the required timeline of the Hummer EV Edition 1.

While the pre-order numbers furnished by GMC seemed decent, the attention elicited by the Hummer EV is already notable considering the electric truck's pricy sticker. The Edition 1 will sell at $112,595 and it will be the most expensive of the line.

The automaker seemed surprised that consumers immediately embraced the first version of the Hummer EV notwithstanding the exorbitant asking price. It is a concern too that the lack of infrastructure support, meaning the low number of charging stations, could dampen the reaction to the electrified supertruck.

GMC, however, is making sure that more dealerships will offer the EV and these outlets are targeted to host new charging stations.

The Hummer EV is expected to get more attention as GMC starts rolling out the relatively cheaper versions, according to CNET. Starting in 2022 and up to 2024, consumers will see the release of the more affordable trims with the asking price that starts at $89,995.

It is the base model that likely will be the most attractive of the lot as GMC said it will retail at $79,995. The model, of course, will come with slightly trimmed-down performance capabilities.