For the first time in eight years, Manchester United reached the top of the Premier League table and three points clear of defending champions, Liverpool. But club boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not getting ahead of himself. He is convinced another win next match will be a huge boost for the Red Devils.

That encounter will be against the squad of Jurgen Klopp and Solskjaer said it will be a "great test" if United can sustain the upward trajectory. Around the same time last year, Liverpool turned back Solskjaer's side and the Reds pressed on the path that saw them winning the EPL title for the first time.

However, the Red Devils can choose to make a statement that they are a different squad from last year. If United can score a match win on Anfield this coming Sunday, the club will build a six-point lead over the reigning title-holders. And likely, pundits will agree that the Old Trafford squad is challenging for the Premier League crown.

"We're looking forward to it and it's a great test of where we're at against a good team. We are getting better and better," Solskjaer said, and per the report by Goal.

The 1-0 win over Burnley might be hardly convincing that Solskjaer can lead United to the intended finish. It's been a long time since the side was considered a serious contender. In 2013, the club secured the last successful Premier League campaign just before Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

There were instances in the last few years that United seemed on the surge only to falter but the prevailing situation this season is vastly different. The club is on a winning run specifically on away games and has the accumulated points to support a sustained title run.

Last season also in January, Manchester Evening News recalled that Liverpool predictably triumphed over United and the two clubs were then separated by 30 points. There was no chance for United to even make it to the Top 2.

But the United of today can rely on a much tougher and consistent squad. Not that Solskjaer can afford it, but losing against Liverpool will not ruin his title aspirations. The Norwegian will end up tied with Klopp's side and he can pick up and inspire his squad to surge anew.

He stressed though that getting past Liverpool with a win is the better scenario. The campaign is heating up and the Red Devils can use a confidence-boosting victory on the pitch, and certainly better if it happens at the expense of the league champions.

"We're almost halfway through the season, so it's a little bit of an indication of where we're at," said Solskjaer.

The United boss noted that no one will remember his side reached the top of the table due to the win over Burnley. But if the club falters after bowing down to Liverpool, such a defeat will likely be immortalized as an unflattering meme.