Tabloids and magazines continue to release various stories about celebrities. Some of their most shocking claims involve Angelina Jolie, with accusations of starving herself.

Gossip Cop recently covered the said narratives to learn the truth. Among all the allegations, it was the one, wherein the doctors, reportedly, told her to "eat or die," that arrived at the top.

NW said that the Wanted actress "had been starving herself for 34 days and counting" more than a year ago. Sources, then, noted that her staff even "sneaked her off" to a hospital, referring to the cause as Jolie's "hunger strike due to all the stress in her life."

Gossip Cop dismissed the rumors and deemed the whole story as false. Based on the discovery, Angelina Jolie's staff did not admit her to a hospital during their humanitarian trip to Colombia. The actress's camp, also, assured the publication that no hunger strike happened.

The reputed publication, then, pointed out that this is not the first time tabloids and magazines created stories about the Maleficent actress and her supposed eating problems. Following the "starving off" narrative, sources alleged that she reached her "lowest weight" because of the stresses she experienced from her divorce, as well as her kids.

But, just like the rest of the allegations, Gossip Cop learned that Jolie does not and did not have an eating disorder. There is no truth, as well, to the claims that she checked into rehab because of this.

Apart from Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, also, faced a similar accusation from tabloids and magazines late last year. Gossip Cop immediately covered the story at that time to discover the facts.

The story came from Globe last November, with sources stating that the Friends star was starving herself because of Brad Pitt. She was, reportedly, "wasting away" after her former husband "dumped" her for the young German model Nicole Poturalski.

The reputed publication quickly described the claims as "ridiculous" because none of these things are true. Apart from not starving herself, Aniston was and is not back with Pitt, contrary to what most tabloids and magazines have been repeatedly insisting.

Amid all the rumors, though, it has since appeared that all the celebrities involved are doing well with their respective lives. On Saturday, the Daily Mail reported that Angelina Jolie was with two of her children for a quick shopping trip in Los Angeles.

Reports said that she took Zahara and Shiloh to an Ethiopian boutique. They were all wearing masks in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines.