Samantha Markle, the sister of Meghan Markle, wants to make it clear that her upcoming book, The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister Part 1, is not going to be "hardbound tabloid" and that she didn't write her memoir to attack the Duchess of Sussex.

Speaking with Us Weekly, Samantha explained that The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister Part 1 is not exactly a tell-allabout Meghan but it will be filled with stories about "the good, the bad and the ugly," from which readers could learn life lessons. She said that as a psych major with two master's degrees, she feels that her story will have "something for everyone."

Samantha also told the news outlet that she received good feedback from credible people who read her book in advance. In fact, their reviews have been printed on the book's backside.

The Duchess' sister is reacting to reports that some readers have acquired the book ahead of its release and have been sharing their negative feedback, per Newsweek. Samantha said that she's aware this could happen, but she will consider their criticisms as the "nature of people" who are just looking for something they didn't find in her book.

Finding Freedom author Omid Scobie, however, said that The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister Part 1 will not have any impact on Meghan since it will not have explosive details about the Duchess of Sussex. The royal correspondent added that since Samantha doesn't have a relationship with her sister, she won't have anything interesting to write about Prince Harry's wife, except to refer to Meghan in the title.

In 2017, Samantha said that she was planning her memoir, then-titled In the Shadows of the Duchess I and II, after Meghan and Harry confirmed their engagement. Samantha vowed that the book would disprove claims that she and Meghan did not have a relationship as she will unveil pictures of their life together and more.

During an interview with Good Morning Britain, however, Samantha said that her book is actually about "interracial evolution" and how it "intersects" with Meghan's royal life. She also said that it would give a lovely picture of their lives as a mixed-race family.

Meanwhile, Meghan and Samantha's father, Thomas Markle, said that he's "very pleased" with his eldest daughter's accomplishment, which comes after three years of her announcement. In 2018, Samantha also explained that the book detailing the "hidden truths" about the Markle family would be released in two parts.

According to Barnes & Noble, The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister Part 1 will be out on Feb. 1, 2021.