Song Kang impressed fans with his glamorous cover for Elle Magazine Korea. The February issue of the magazine featured two upcoming projects from the rising star.

During the interview, Song Kang admitted that he still cannot believe that he is gaining so much attention from the success of Sweet Home.

He shared that he refrained from watching the show before its completion because he wanted to view it as a complete product. Once it was released, he binge-watched it along with millions of Netflix subscribers and thought it was great. He said he has been watching his show over and over.

Sweet Home was not Song Kang's first project with Netflix. He was featured as one of the lead stars in Love Alarm in 2019. He will reprise his role as Hwang Sun Oh in the second season of Love Alarm this year.

He will also join the cast of tvN drama Navillera, along with Park In Hwan, reported Soompi.

Navillera is a drama based on the webtoon that was released in 2016. It is a story about a retired postman named Duk Chul who pursues his passion for ballet at the age of 70.

Song Kang will play the role of Chae Rok, who starts to learn ballet late but has a natural talent for it. The story will center around the two characters and how ballet and an unlikely friendship will shape their life. The series will be directed by Han Dong Hwa, whose previous works include Squad 38, and Bad Guys 2.

Meanwhile, fans are expecting that Netflix will also greenlight the second season of Sweet Home after it topped the streaming platform's viewing list in several countries.

Fans are reportedly clamoring for a follow-up season to answer the questions left by the cliffhanger ending.

It can be recalled that at the end of Sweet Home Season 1, Hyun Su is at the mercy of Ui Myeong, the sludge monster who has taken over the body of Sang Wook.

The finale showed that it was Ui Myeong who was driving the vehicle that took Hyun Su, and not military personnel. Fans want to know if Hyun Su will be able to save Sang Wook from the sludge monster and save the other survivors too. It was also unclear if Eun Hyeok survived or if he turned into a monster before the building collapsed, All Kpop reported.