Lamar Odom had his fine moments in the NBA, particularly with the Los Angeles Lakers where he won two NBA titles. A lot has changed since then and things just got worse when he almost died of a drug overdose.

Odom did try to make a return to the NBA and other basketball leagues but failed. He has since gone on to do other things. The latest is that the former NBA Sixth Man of the Year will put on boxing gloves and try his luck trading blows with another celebrity opponent.

The 6-foot-10 retired cager inked a deal with Celebrity Boxing and is scheduled to fight in June. He will be facing another celebrity although no name has been officially mentioned for now. CB creator Damon Feldman is reportedly ironing things out with Odom’s potential foe so the opponent could be named in the coming days or months, TMZ Sports reported.

As far as boxing experience, it remains unknown if Odom has any at all. He does have time to train for it and would best do so for his safety. His celebrity opponent is pretty much in the same vote though some take up boxing as a pastime.

Odom may want to take his cue from another former NBA player, Nate Robinson. Most recall that horrific scene where the 36-year-old suffered a vicious knockout at the hands of YouTuber Jake Paul back in November.

The YouTuber had enough experience to overpower Robinson, doing so in the second round with a big overhead right that hit its mark. Some call it a lucky punch but the damage it can do is real.

Aside from that, Odom may want to make sure that his health is up for it. That near-death experience was something he was lucky to come out of and it did leave damage to certain parts of his body.

Other than boxing, Odom is also trying to get move on following a split with former partner Sabrina Parr. Odom has been making headlines as of late after the breakup with Parr revealing why they broke up and some things that would best be kept between them.

Regardless, it appears Odom is dealing with these in the most civil manner possible. He addressed the comments of Parr on Instagram but the caption is perhaps the classic way to respond to Parr’s claims.

“She bitter, I’m better. Toxic people and relationships ending is a great thing. It’s almost like the trash taking itself out,” Odom’s caption read.