Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 spoilers and leaks are now circulating online, introducing the new villain Granola. However, aside from these, the manga also drops a trailer, revealing another much stronger character than Goku himself.

The new Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 trailer shows a lot of twists and turns that fans are about to see. The V Jump author's comment made everyone excited with the revelation of a new warrior coming.

The remark revealed a new warrior would be born in the 7th universe and surpassed Goku, BlockToro noted. It also teased that this character would be introduced in the coming new chapter.

The clip then gave a glimpse of the new panel and four new characters that would be introduced in the series. These never-before-seen roles were said to be new antagonists, and it could easily be said with their "menacing" look.

There were a gorilla-like character and a fish-like creature. In addition, it showed Goku and Vegeta talking about something, and, of course, the new villain Granola.

On the other hand, the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 spoilers and drafts revealed Granola's official arrival. Twitter user Dbshype shared the leaks via International Business Times, showing the new chapter's summary.

It showed a planet in ruins while the spaceships from Freeza's army were flying above the sky. There were three great apes' shadows, while the scene changed to someone hiding inside a house.

Granola then woke up, while Oatmil asked if he had the same dream. The latter then assured him they were safe and had obtained the OG73-i.

The enemies also stopped following them in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68. Later, Oatmil asked Granola if he still hard feelings for Freeza's army, to which he said he still hated them.

However, without Freeza, Granola's army seemed powerless, so Oatmil wanted him to move on. The villain then revealed the barbaric monkeys in Freeza's troop, called Cerelians, were the ones who "annihilated his race."

He later confirmed these Cerelians vanished after a meteor hit their planet. Anyhow, Oatmil couldn't help but asked if the monkeys he was pertaining to were Saiyans, which Granola confirmed.

Comibook added Goku and Vegeta would become Granola's top targets once the latter started to know about them. By the looks of it, he was holding a major grudge against the Saiyans, and Goku might pay for it.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 is set to be out on Wednesday, January 20. Fans can see it on MangaPlus and Viz Media.

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