The long wait will be soon over as Kaguya-Sama Chapter 214 will be out in a few days. After a long break due to the New Year holidays, fans will finally see Mikado and Kaguya's past that may affect her relationship with Miyuki.

It has been almost two weeks since fans last read Chapter 213. At the time, it mostly focused on Miko and Miyuki's interaction; now, in Kaguya-Sama Chapter 214, it will shift its focus to Mikado and Kaguya.

According to BlockToro, the new chapter may reveal something about Kaguya and Mikado's past. Allegedly, these two had a history before, although it remained to be seen what it was.

Theories claim they may be a former couple, or one of them had a feeling for the other. If this rings true, things will surely be complicated, especially for Miyuki.

Meanwhile, aside from Miyuki and Kaguya, fans are also interested to know Miko's feelings for Ishigami. In the previous chapter, Epic Dope noted there were assumptions a confession would happen soon.

Miko has yet to reveal her real feelings toward Ishigami, so this much-awaited confession may finally happen. The manga enthusiasts also want to see Miyuki's new move in helping Kaguya achieve her goals before she goes to Stanford.

In Kaguya-Sama Chapter 213, Miyuki asked for Miko's advice on how he could help Kaguya better. He seemed to turn emotional when he questioned the possibilities of the world, not treating them equally but only as kids.

Miko tried her best to comfort Miyuki, saying the world depended on teamwork, so he didn't have to worry about growing alone. He then praised Miko for her wise words and for being more mature.

However, when she patted his head, Fujiwara entered the student council room and misinterpreted what she saw. She then demanded them to explain their closeness, so Miko stressed she was only boosting Miyuki's morale, asking her not to misunderstand things as she knew who he likes.

Later, when the three of them talked about who between Chika and Miyuki Miko likes, Kaguya also came inside the room. Chika then told Kaguya about Miyuki and Miko's closeness, and the initial confronted the two.

When she was about to have a "complete meltdown," Miko assured her nothing was between them. She even said she would commit "seppuku" if she ever hindered their romance.

Everything was cleared in the end, and they all enjoyed a good lunch together. As the chapter ended with Miyuki's plan to help Kaguya took shape, it remained to be seen how he would do it in Kaguya-Sama Chapter 214.

Kaguya-Sama Chapter 214 is set to be out on Thursday, January 21, per Devdiscourse. Fans can expect to see the leaks and spoilers two or three days before the official release date, though they are advised to wait for the official English translations instead.

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