Fans are now looking forward to seeing One Punch Man Chapter 139 after Yusuke Murata finally dropped the previous chapter. The manga seems to give more details about Blast, although things seem to be still a little vague this time.

According to BlockToro, the Black Box that Blast and God carried seemed to have some connection, and readers might get to know more of it in One Punch Man Chapter 139. Also, Saitama might finally make an appearance after Chapter 138 teased his return.

With Saitama's possible comeback and Blast's new details, fans are now waiting for their much-awaited fight to happen. It looks like the people who have touched the box, like Saitama, Manako, and Flash, are the only ones who see the monsters "on the last."

Everyone is quite confused about this mystery box, hinting at Blast and God's connection. There are also assumptions Drive Knight will betray Genos, as it is quite impossible that their fusion will work for a long time. Meanwhile, the Psykorochi fight is now over, so fans can now move on in One Punch Man Chapter 139.

One Punch Man Chapter 138 showed the powerful tag-team of Genos and Tatsumaki, Comicbook noted. The manga had perfectly showed a monster versus hero fight, as Tatsumaki dropped the "most intense" battle by far.

It had been known that the psychic strength of Psykos was beyond control, so Tatsumaki ended needing a hand. After she fell unconscious, using all of her power to unroot Psykos' fused Orochi and saving the remaining Class S heroes inside, Genos came to help.

Psykos warmly welcomed him with blasts coming his way. Fortunately, Genos managed to fly Tatsumaki out of the battle and absorbed the wanton shots that the enemy unleashed.

Later, Tatsumaki roused herself awake, and Genos and Drive Knight dragged Psykos in the corner. The three joined forces to reveal a powerful blast to take the enemy down.

Psykos is believed to be "one of the final major threats" of the Monster Association after Saitama killed the Monster King Orochi. In this fight, Tatsumaki and Genos have shown some of their "strongest abilities" thus far, hinting at what they can do together if they unite in future battles.

Screenrant cited Tatsumaki might not be one of the most favorite characters in the series, but it couldn't be denied that she had one of the most intriguing personalities and powers. So, the dynamics she and her sister, Fubuki, have can be explored in future chapters, as fans surely want to see more of them.

So far, it remains to be seen when One Punch Man Chapter 139 will be out, though there are predictions it will drop on Sunday, January 31. Anyhow, as Murata loves to do it as a surprise, fans may be once again on for a long waiting game.

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