The new year is always a hint that it is time for a fresh start-and that has never felt more welcome than in 2021. After almost a year spent at home, worrying, and finding comfort in baked goods and Netflix, most of us are looking forward to being active, healthy, and dropping off all those quarantine pounds.

But when you start finding the right ways to lose weight, your brain can start spinning with all the many "miracle" diets out there! So we did all the digging for you and found 4 with sufficient evidence to conclude that they really support weight loss goals.

Vegan Diet

Just being vegan doesn't necessarily help you to lose weight. After all, sweets, pasta, and potato chips can all fall under the vegan umbrella without being especially healthy or low-cal. However, studies confirm that people on a plant-based diet have a lower overall BMI than those who consume animal products.

2020 Australian study came to the surprising finding that vegetarians and vegans are more likely to stay on a long-term diet than on plans such as paleo since they are inspired by ethical and spiritual values rather than just weight loss.

WW Diet

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that WW is successful in dropping off the pounds safely. A 2013 study revealed that dieters assigned to WW were more than eight times more likely to lose 10% of their body weight over 6 months than those choosing to diet on their own.

There's a lot of research that using a monitoring app will help you lose weight. And if you stop monitoring every meal, it's easy to sustain weight loss until you internalize which nutritious foods are low or 0 points.


You will definitely improve your health with this diet, and if you limit calories by following DASH's heart-healthy rules, you will lose weight and lower your blood pressure. A recent study of obese older adults showed that those who adopted the DASH diet shed weight and reduced body fat, along with several other health benefits.

Mediterranean Diet

While this diet has many health benefits-it can decrease the risk of both cardiovascular illness and cognitive decline-it can also contribute to weight loss if you restrict your calorie consumption to 1,500 a day or less.

Studies have shown that either a traditional Mediterranean diet or a low-carb version of it will result in a weight loss of around 5-10% of body weight over 12 months.

And the weight stays off-a new British study found that for those who had lost significant quantities of weight, those who had eaten a Mediterranean-style diet were twice as likely to keep it off.

This diet is easy to sustain, because of it's great-tasting food!