Meghan Markle has reportedly hired a team of therapists to help with the development of her son, Archie Harrison, who has turned 20-months-old this January 2021.

Sources told New Idea that the Duchess of Sussex has dubbed this group of experts as Archie's "guidance team," who will ensure that the baby will have "outstanding intelligence."

Meghan and Harry apparently aim for Archie to progress as an above-average child for his age. The source disclosed that the guidance team consists of nannies, nutritionists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and even a physical therapist.

The source also said that Harry wasn't sold on the idea in the beginning. However, he witnessed first-hand how the occupational therapists worked to improve Archie's sensory perceptions.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex want Archie to use all the best tools at his disposal to get a head start among other children. But some royal observers aren't impressed with how they are raising their son after Meghan and Harry seemingly abandoned plans for Archie to get to know his royal relatives.

Royal commentator Maggie Rulli said on the podcast Heirpod that she was looking forward to Harry and Meghan spending more time in the United Kingdom this year since this was their original plan. Before they left for the United States, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that they will divide their time between the two countries as it will also allow Archie to spend time with both sides of his family.

However, Meghan and Harry haven't returned to the U.K. since arriving in California in March 2020 because of the pandemic. Rulli said that a lot of important events are happening in the royal family this year but it's likely "wishful thinking" to expect Harry and Meghan back with Archie.

The couple said that travel restrictions will still affect their plans to return home but they have received an invitation to join the royal family for the Trooping the Colour parade in June 2021. According to People, if it will be safe to travel, Harry and Meghan could be in the U.K. by late spring.

Royal insiders said that the Sussex pair might be present for the Invictus Games in The Netherlands, Prince Philip's 100th birthday celebration, and the unveiling of the statue of the Princess of Wales at Kensington Palace.

Meanwhile, The Royal Beat commentator Duncan Larcombe also shared his observations about Harry and Meghan's parenting after including Archie in their first podcast show for Archewell Audio. The royal experts said that letting Archie say a few lines went against the Sussex pair's desire to be off the royal spotlight because this attracted a level of publicity.

Royal editor Russell Myers also said that this was problematic for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex because they made their son a part of their commercial venture. Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl believes that the public might see this move as Harry and Meghan "cashing in" on their son.