If you want your kids to learn more, be creative, and enjoy at the same time, then you can download some of the best apps that can help you achieve this.

The story is the same almost everywhere. Parents finding difficulty in how to balance the screen time of their kids. If you are experiencing the same problem, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Many parents have trouble taking their kids away from apps like YouTube Kids and other similar apps. While there are many great video content on these platforms, you know how important it is to keep things balanced. In this case, you might want to download new apps that can help your kids learn more, be creative, and have fun at the same time.

You might say these are still apps and might only affect the growth of your child. True, these are still apps but developers designed them to engage a child to learn more and explore their creativity in a fun manner. There are many new apps available for download that encourage learning and creativity with game-like qualities.

Engaging Digital Experience 

There are many new apps best for kids between two and ten years old that are available for download. There is the LEGO Duplo World, for instance, that combines many learning experiences into a single app. It features the exploratory and creative nature of LEGO, albeit in digital form, which helps develop a child's fine-motor skills in a fun manner. Using the app, the child can learn numbers and sorting, as well as develop their problem-solving and reasoning skills.

LEGO Duplo World also allows kids to participate in an imaginary fun play where they learn real-world skills like washing their hands, when to cross streets, and many more. While the app is for kids aged two to five years old, older kids would have fun using it too. The app is a bit pricier than other similar apps in the market but many say it is totally worth it. There is a free version available for download and once the child gets the hang of it, you can unlock some sections for a fee starting at $5.

A Fun Way To Learn 

For those looking for a fun way to help young kids learn the alphabet or phonics, as well as read and write, Duolingo ABC is the best app to do just that. Many consider Duolingo ABC as one of the best new apps to help kids learn the alphabet in a fun manner and at the same time, foster creativity. The app is designed by early-education and literacy experts to help develop the child's skills in sight words, phonics, reading comprehension, and many more. Best of all, you can download the app free of charge on the App Store. The kid can use it offline and it does not have ads too.