Apple might not name its next smartphone model as "iPhone 13" due to the superstitious beliefs attached to the number.

There are widespread rumors online that claim there might be no iPhone 13 after all. This is due to the superstitious belief that the number relates to bad luck and misfortune. Whispered talks indicate that there are people within the Cupertino tech giant who are trying to dissuade those in charge of giving titles to the next smartphone models because of this superstitious belief. If rumors are true, then Apple might instead opt for some other model number or skip it outright.

While the notion sounds outrageous and ridiculous in these modern times, you only have to take one visit to any of the modern skyscrapers near you to discover that there is no 13th floor on a building or a number 13 on the elevator. The superstitious belief surrounding the number 13 has a long history and dates back several centuries. Despite decades of modernization, the belief endured. Perhaps this is also the reason why rumors say that Apple might not call its next smartphone as "iPhone 13."

A Minor Update

Apple, like all other rumors that precede new releases, will not confirm or deny whether there is truth to talks about the company not calling its next smartphone as iPhone 13. However, in what appears as a confirmation of such talks, reliable Apple leaker, Jon Prosser, revealed in an episode of his Front Page Tech YouTube show, that the Cupertino tech giant might not name its next model as iPhone 13.

"A couple of weeks ago I was told that it was probably going to be called the iPhone 12s," Prosser said in Wednesday's episode of his show. Sources within the company also said that the next iPhone has minor updates that Apple might want to call it iPhone 12s instead of iPhone 13. However, they declined to comment whether triskaidekaphobia, an extreme superstitious belief regarding the number thirteen, has anything to do with it.

The "S" Model

There are also talks that triskaidekaphobia might prompt Apple to skip iPhone 13 and instead jump to iPhone 14. Many dismiss this notion, however, given that according to Apple insiders, the next iPhone model only has minor updates. If true, then Apple might revert to its old naming habit of adding an S to a particular model, such as iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 6s. Despite talks about having only minor updates as the reason why Apple might not call it iPhone 13, persistent rumors insist it is because of superstitious beliefs. It is hard to find out the real reason with companies like Apple, who have a penchant for extreme secrecy. As regards whether the number 13 is unlucky or not, well, you might want to ask Taylor Swift if her fondness for 13 brought her bad luck in her music.