Fans are hoping to find some answers to their several questions in One Punch Man Chapter 139. As they expect to see Yusuke Murata dropping the new chapter anytime this month, they are looking forward to knowing more about God.

Among all the heroes and monsters the manga series has, fans and readers alike are more interested in God. If there's one thing they want to see in One Punch Man Chapter 139, it's a battle between this character and Saitama.

According to BlockToro, there are theories Murata will finally introduce God to the manga story. It has been teased that the series's major antagonist is the mysterious being only known as God.

Hence, the manga will not end without a good fight between the fan-favorite protagonist and this new villain. So, how will this happen?

There are assumptions Saitama may be stuck in a side plot in One Punch Man Chapter 139, as he can't finish the antagonist in just a single shot. Anyhow, it's also possible that God and Saitama are yet to meet, and their intense battle may happen in the future instead.

With Blast's full introduction to the series, it remains to be seen if the Caped Baldy will face God or this S-Class Rank 1 professional hero instead. There are even assumptions that Blast and God's connection may be revealed to answer the mystery "surrounding the character."

As everything seems to be blurry this time, with the new episode's expected coming, it may finally clear things out. In addition, fans also want to know the Black Box Blast and God carried, and the upcoming chapter may explain what's inside it.

Also, the much-awaited appearance of Saitama may finally happen in One Punch Man Chapter 139 after the previous chapter teased his return. The monster on the "last" can only be seen by the characters who have touched the box.

So, Saitama, Manaok, and Flash may be the only ones who can see it. Elsewhere, Drive Knight may betray Genos, as their fusion may never work out for a long time.

As the Pyskorochi fight is now over, the story can now move forward. Murata is once again staying mum about the series, so he may be planning another great storyline to reveal.

It remains to be seen when One Punch Man Chapter 139 will be out, but based on the previous releases, it may drop on Sunday, January 31. If not, then fans are once again up for a waiting game.

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