Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a lot on his mind but getting hitched is not one of them. The 43-year-old has had enough of the claims that he is engaged and officially posted on social media his response.

On his Instagram account, Mayweather hopes to put to rest talk that he is engaged.

"I'm not engaged and have never been engaged or married," Mayweather’s post read. "Those are just rumors and lies."

Claims have spread like wildfire on social media with Mayweather said to be engaged to Anna Monroe. The described lead dancer of Mayweather’s Las Vegas strip club flashed on her Instagram account a massive diamond on her finger which most took as a sign of her getting engaged to the boxing champion.

It was never mentioned that the ring came from Mayweather. Most concluded because the “Flamboyant One” had a history of gifting women with expensive gifts. One example of that was the case of former flame Doralie Medina. In 2014, she was gifted with a Rolls Royce worth roughly $300,000. TMZ reported.

Despite not being hitched, Mayweather has children with different women. He has three kids with the late Josie Harris. Harris died in March of last year due to an accidental drug overdose.

With that issue settled, Mayweather is now trying to focus on his upcoming exhibition fight with YouTuber Logan Paul. It is a clash that most see as lopsidedly in favor of the future boxing Hall of Famer.


Mayweather has been attracted to doing exhibition boxing matches which have rewarded retired boxers handsomely. Mike Tyson proved that last November when he faced Roy Jones Jr. He is expected to fight again with Evander Holyfield being suggested as his next opponent.

Focusing on exhibition bouts appears to be the way to go for Mayweather provided it returns a handsome payday. His last two fights are proof of that. He faced UFC star Conor McGregor in 2017 and came out of it with millions.

He also had that exhibition boxing match with Tenshin Nasukawa of Japan in December 2018. It was a short clash after the American floored the Japanese kickboxer thrice in the first round.

There is no denying that despite what most think of his tactics, Mayweather will go down as one of the boxing greats. Just recently, the WBC announced that they would be putting the undefeated pug’s picture on all world title belts, something that Mayweather admits has always been a dream for him.