Melania Trump and Donald Trump formally exited the White House on Wednesday. Hours before the inauguration, they boarded the Air Force One to move out from Washington D.C. to Florida.

But, despite being no longer the figureheads in the East and West Wings, speculations and allegations continue to follow them. As alleged, the former First Couple "slept in separate rooms" inside the White House under Trump's presidency.

The Daily Mirror covered the claim, which first came from CNN earlier this week. Sources told the publication that the former First Lady slept in a large bedroom suite, which the residence reserves for the U.S. President and their spouse.

The insider, then, added that while Melania Trump stayed in the said room, Donald Trump "slept in his own bedroom." It was, reportedly, a study or den during the previous administrations.

The report is no longer new to the public. Back in 2019, CNN's Kate Bennett shocked the public upon releasing her bombshell book, Free, Melania. One of the surprising claims is the reported "confirmation" about the then-First Couple's living and bedroom arrangement inside the White House.

Bennett wrote that Melania Trump occupies an "entirely separate floor" from her husband inside the Executive Residence, according to Business Insider. While Donald Trump sleeps in the master bedroom, located on the second level of the residence, she stays on the third floor with a two-room space.

Following all the accusations, the then-U.S. President and his wife remained silent. They did not confirm nor deny all the speculations about their relationship. Accordingly, it makes total sense why the divorce rumors continue to develop these days.

Ahead of their exit from the White House, the public has already speculated that Melania and Donald Trump will soon split. Many seemingly believe that the former First Lady will file for divorce after they leave their posts.

Several sources, also, stated that the likelihood of this happening in the next few months is high. On the other hand, though, there are still some individuals who do not believe in the common reception.

Meanwhile, as the divorce rumors persist, Melania Trump and Donald Trump recently celebrated a relationship milestone. On January 22, they marked their 16th wedding anniversary in Florida, according to The Independent.

While the details of the celebration remain scarce, reports said that the former U.S. President spent part of the day "dining with friends" at the Trump International Golf Club. No one knows, as well, whether the former First Lady joined him at the club, which is just a few minutes away from Mar-a-Lago.