Controversies and allegations continue to follow Melania Trump over the years. It is not surprising, though, considering that she was the First Lady of the United States.

On Wednesday, she left her post, alongside Donald Trump. However, they did not welcome the new First Couple as they flew out of Washington D.C. hours before the inauguration.

Their exit has since sparked talks among the public. Newsday recently released a report, detailing how the former First Lady "stood by her man" until the very end of their stay inside the White House.

The opinionated piece discussed how Melania "never found her voice" inside the East Wing. As stated, she was not able to distinguish herself apart from being Trump's wife.

While this may appear negative for others, this seemingly reflected how she stood by her husband through the years, especially during their time leading the country. As noted, Melania Trump, "like her husband," never cared for traditions inside the People's House.

The piece claims that the former First Lady did perform her duties, including the Christmas decorations and the Be Best initiative. But, she allegedly did these things "begrudgingly," "halfheartedly, and ineffectively."

As for their exit, Melania followed her husband's ways by breaking protocols and "unofficial obligations." This came after she refused to welcome the incoming First Lady, Jill Biden, as the former U.S. President refused, and still refuses to accept his loss against Joe Biden.

Amid the speculations about how Melania Trump has always followed and stood by her husband, several assertions about her divorcing Donald Trump persist on developing these days. The Daily Express reported an incident during their actual flight from the White House to Mar-a-Lago, wherein netizens noticed how the former First Lady "snubbed" the U.S. President during their last photo-op.

The former First Couple arrived at West Palm Beach in Florida on the day of the inauguration. Reporters greeted them on the runway, causing Trump to stop and wave for the cameras.

But, to the surprise of the public, Melania "walked off" and did not stop beside her husband. This, then, sparked criticisms and speculations that they are already heading toward a divorce.

Many netizens believe that the former fashion model will soon file for divorce. Some even emphasized that she only stayed beside Donald Trump because he would punish her if she decided to leave him amid his presidency.

A separate report from the Daily Express explained that some individuals believe otherwise. One of these people is Melania Trump's former friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who claimed that the former First Couple has a "banter." Accordingly, she does not take hold of Melania's idea to leave Donald Trump even after their time inside the White House.