Princess Beatrice is reportedly having a tough few months and is "completely stressed out" about family issues that she can no longer hide its impact on her and on her marriage, an insider has revealed.

According to reports, Beatrice couldn't even manage a smile when she was recently seen in Notting Hill with her husband of six months, Edo Mapelli Mozzi. The insider hinted that the family drama has been spilling over her relationship with Edo when the couple should still be in their honeymoon phase.

The source wasn't specific about Beatrice's struggles but implied that the lockdowns in the United Kingdom have been taking a toll on her. The York princess had a lot to deal with last year when her wedding to Edo was postponed more than once due to many reasons, including the pandemic.

The couple ended up having a secret, small-scale wedding at the Windsor Chapel and was fortunate to have Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip as guests.

However, Prince Andrew's controversial ties with Jeffrey Epstein may have also contributed to the princess' struggles, especially after the Duke of York made Beatrice her alibi.

Recent reports cited that Beatrice apparently has no recollection of the specific birthday party mentioned by her father in a TV interview to deny his dalliance with his accuser. The York royal said that there had been a number of Pizza Express parties she went to in her younger years and there were no photographs to prove that Beatrice or her dad was there to fetch her.

Beatrice and Edo are said to be trying their best "not to fall apart," according to the insiders. However, things have been more difficult to process as the royal couldn't visit her sister, Princess Eugenie, who is about to give birth in mid-February.

Eugenie decided to move from Ivy Cottage in Kensington Palace to the Royal Lodge in Windsor. Had she stayed in Kensington, then Beatrice, who lives in St. James' Palace, could easily visit her sister.

But because of the lockdowns, the royal sisters, who have remained close to each other all their lives, have to make do with virtual visits as unnecessary travels in the United Kingdom are currently prohibited. Reports also indicated that Beatrice might not be allowed to see her sister in the hospital, once the baby arrives, because of the strict protocols limiting the number of people in the facility to prevent virus transmission.