Speculations over Ivanka Trump's plans to officially join the world of politics remain apparent. This comes after she and Jared Kushner signed a one-year lease on an expensive condo unit at The Arte in Miami.

When asked whether the First Daughter could take his seat in 2022, Republican Senator for Florida Marco Rubio had a lengthy response, according to the Daily Express. He told Fox News' Chris Wallace that the former White House top advisor is "in for a tough race."

The publication said that the politician did not, however, dismiss Trump's chances. He explained that he does not own the Senate seat, adding that he has to earn it every six years if he wants to "be back in the U.S. Senate."

Rubio, also, noted that "anybody can decide to run if they want to" and that he is "not entitled to anything." He even shared that he "likes" Ivanka Trump as they have worked well together in the past few years.

In the end, though, the senator regarded how proud he is of their record. He pointed out that his last four years working under the Trump administration has been the "most productive four-year period of any U.S. Senator from Florida."

Amid all the speculations, Ivanka Trump has maintained her silence. The last time the public saw and heard from her was when they left the White House last week. Nevertheless, many individuals believe that she has political ambitions.

A separate report from the Daily Express, however, tackled a political consultant's assertions about the First Daughter. He told the publication that Ivanka would be "nothing" if not for her last name.

Louis Perron claimed that "she would be nothing in politics" if she did not have the Trump name. He emphasized that this is the only thing that "marks her out."

The expert, later on, stated that the Capitol riot on January 6, alongside its aftermath, have debilitated Ivanka Trump's hopes. CNN's Kate Bennett, then, revealed that the First Daughter and her husband are "in a bit of panic" following all the "horrific" events of the past few weeks.

She added that the apparent collapse of the former U.S. President's administration would make it "very difficult for them to tout any achievements they have made" in the last four years. Sources even, reportedly, exposed that the Kushner couple is now "questioning everything," especially their futures outside the White House.