Donald and Melania Trump left the White House hours before the inauguration took place on Wednesday. They headed toward Mar-a-Lago, with many individuals speculating that they are likely to make a permanent home in Florida.

Since their exit, the former First Lady has refused to make comments on anything. She has not made any appearance, as well, nor shared posts on social media.

While fans and supporters, including even critics, appear to be eager to hear from Melania, an acquaintance of the former First Couple claimed that she no longer has any interest in returning to public life. The Daily Express released a report about the matter, centering on the sources' assertions.

Society publicist R Couri Hay, who claims to be friends with the Trumps, stated that Melania Trump "will not reappear on social media." She will "disappear" as she will now focus on her new job.

The acquaintance continued that the former First Lady wants to place her time solely in her family, especially Barron Trump. She, reportedly, intends to be a "homemaker," adding that marrying Donald Trump was already the "top of the ladder" for her.

 Speaking to The Times, R Couri Hay, also, argued that Melania Trump will not divorce her husband even after their stint inside the White House. He said that he would be "shocked" if she chooses to separate from Donald Trump.

The columnist highlighted the former model's "difficult life" to explain why she would not leave the former U.S. President, according to the Daily Mirror. He believes that "stability" in both financial and romantic aspects is the reason behind this, noting that Melania has always wanted stability.

The same publication, later on, included journalist Kate Andersen Brower's take on the matter. She agreed with R Couri Hay's claims and stated that Melania Trump's only focus is "herself and the family."

She, also, suggested that the Be Best campaign is already "dead in the water." It will not likely, reportedly, go anywhere as the former First Lady herself does not seemingly find the initiative interesting. The public "barely saw her, and it was not even really defined in any way."

Despite all the statements, though, some still believe that the former First Couple is headed toward a divorce. Speaking to The Telegraph, Mary Trump shared that her uncle "does love Melania." However, they do not allegedly understand each other.

Trump's niece, also, insisted that the former U.S. President "does not understand affection," as well as intimacy. Accordingly, these factors may play significant roles in the potential split.