The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has been holding on to the logs of the private plane of disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and a new report has revealed that one of his longtime pilots, who flew Prince Andrew to Epstein's island several times, has started talking to the authorities.

According to Vanity Fair, many of Epstein's former pilots haven't publicly discussed what went on in the Lolita Express, the press' nickname for the billionaire's personal jet. However, David Rodgers, who is based in Florida, has been cooperating with the FBI.

Rodgers was a trusted pilot by his employer, who also flew former Pres. Bill Clinton and Bill Gates on Epstein's Little Saint James estate. However, he decided to talk to the FBI to help in the investigations. In September 2019, following Epstein's suicide, the U.S. Attorney General's office issued a subpoena for Rodgers and Larry Visoski.

Sources from the Daily Mirror were able to track down Rodgers but told them he will not talk to the press. However, the pilot's flight logs from the court circulars allegedly contained a detailed account of how often Andrew visited his friend's private island and other homes, along with Epstein's other high-profile friends.

Rodgers' flight logs showed that he flew the Duke of York, who was codenamed A.P., about 10 times, and there were Epstein's "sex slaves" on some of these flights. Andrew was aboard the private jet heading to the Virgin Islands on April 11, 2001, with Virginia Giuffre, then known as Virginia Robertson, who admitted she's one of Epstein's sex slaves.

In November 2019, Andrew denied that he met Giuffre in a BBC interview. The woman has claimed under oath in the U.S. courts that she had been to bed with the duke at least three times as a minor over 20 years ago.

A friend of the pilot told Daily Mirror that Rodgers doesn't believe he was doing anything wrong nor saw anything was off when he flew Epstein, his friends, and the women. An insider at Andrew's camp, on the other hand, said that Rodgers' logs would not stand up in court as the royal was elsewhere on the said dates A.P.'s name appeared.

Meanwhile, Andrew's friend and Epstein's alleged pimp and girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, has asked the U.S. court to dismiss her child sex case. Maxwell's trial before a grand jury is set to start this summer in Manhattan. She had been jailed without bail since her arrest in July 2020.