A woman who was allegedly hired by Prince Andrew's people to discredit his accuser, Virginia Giuffre, has called the Duke of York "a pig" and claimed that she was never interested in speaking with his staff.

Molly Skye Brown revealed her actual assessment of Queen Elizabeth's son in an interview with Newsweek. She said that Andrew was not the "clean perfect prince" despite how much his aides tried to convince her that the Duke of York didn't do anything wrong.

In late 2020, Brown said on Twitter that Giuffre faked her photograph with Andrew, which supposedly proved that they met more than two decades ago in one of the houses of the disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Giuffre has stated that she had sexual relations with the Duke of York at least three times at Epstein's mansions while she was a minor working for his sex trafficking ring. Andrew denied meeting Giuffre in a BBC interview despite being shown their photo together.

Antonia Marshall, a staff of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, sent Brown a message on social media in December because she wanted to discuss what she said in her Twitter post. The two eventually talked on the phone.

Andrew's PR consultant, Mark Gallagher, then contacted Brown to speak about what she knew of the duke's photo with Giuffre after Marshall's phone call. However, Brown had the impression that Marshall was "gaslighting" her while she didn't think Gallagher was really interested in finding out the truth about his boss.

Brown thinks that the Duke of York's people reached out to her because they wanted her to work with them amid speculations that Andrew was planning a comeback as a working royal. According to reports, the duke had a secret meeting with the Queen in his bid to resume his royal duties one year after he resigned from his roles.

However, Brown claimed she turned down the Yorks because she thinks Andrew's troubles were "much deeper and darker than some photo scandal." The woman also told Marshall and Gallagher that she turned over her evidence against Giuffre to the FBI.

However, Giuffre believes that Brown has indeed been working for the Duke of York in recent months. The royal's accuser recently quit social media for the sake of her health. She said she was on the receiving end of a vile abuse from a Twitter troll who was none other than Brown, according to The Sun.