Virginia Giuffre, the woman who accused Prince Andrew of having sexual relations with her as a minor, has quit Twitter because of "too much hatred" from netizens and she is putting the blame on the royals for the online abuse.

Giuffre wrote her last post on Twitter Monday, saying that she will be off the social media platform for her own health. She also made a shoutout to "Prince Andrew's team" and the trolls aligned with Donald Trump.

Prior to her exit on Twitter, Giuffre allegedly posted a link to a tabloid story showing that Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson asked a woman's help to launch an online attack against her. According to sources, the Duke and Duchess of York wanted to discredit Giuffre, who is also one of the victims who filed a lawsuit against the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The Twitter troll has been identified as Molly Skye Brown who still keeps criticizing Giuffre on the social media platform despite her exit. Brown said that Giuffre is not a victim of a sex syndicate but she is one of Epstein's recruiters.

According to The Sun, it was one of the duchess's staff, Antonia Marshall, who approached Brown after she publicly stated that she has proof Andrew's photo with Giuffre from the early 2000s was altered. Brown also said that she has already reported this to the FBI, per the advice of Andrew's people.

Brown revealed that she's been in contact with Marshall through email and WhatsApp, who even told her that she can pass on Brown's messages for Queen Elizabeth. However, Marshall told Daily Mail that she can't recall conversations with Brown.

Andrew's PR person Mark Gallagher has also allegedly gotten in touch with Brown. Representatives of the royal haven't made comments about these latest claims.

In November 2019, the Duke of York resigned from his role as a working member of the royal family after he sat for an interview with BBC to talk about his friendship with Epstein. In that same interview, Andrew denied ever meeting Giuffre, who claimed to have had intimate relations with the royal at least three times in Epstein's mansions.

Authorities in the U.S. have been wanting to speak with the Duke of York to shed light on Epstein's sex trafficking cases after the billionaire took his own life while awaiting trial in prison in August 2019. Andrew told BBC that he was willing to cooperate with the authorities but his lawyers have been successful in preventing this from taking place.