Tesla unloaded a ton of welcome updates during the company's quarterly earnings call on Wednesday and one that made many happy is the likelihood of the Cybertruck finally rolling out before the end of 2021. Elon Musk said it's a doable target but he made clear that delayed deliveries cannot be ruled out.

Musk reported that Tesla is in the process of setting up the production lines that will assemble the Cybertruck. It is understood that the electric pickup will be mass-produced at the Gigafactory in Texas and the plant will be coming online in May.

Soon, Tesla will start ordering the equipment to be used in building the Cybertruck, and among the deliveries that the automaker will take is an 8,000-ton casting machine. Musk sounded optimistic that the EV will commence the production phase following his confirmation that the engineering works are in the final stage.

As no major changes are expected in the months to come, the Tesla boss projected that initial deliveries of the Cybertruck could be made later in the year but according to Business Insider, Musk admitted the target date could be pushed back.

Musk's exact words were: "If we get lucky, we'll be able to do a few deliveries toward the end of this year."

The CEO anticipating a delay is realistic. He continued talking about the complexities that entail the large-scale production of the Cybertruck. Musk revealed that to put together the electric pickup, the automaker will be using large machines.

In other words, it will not be an easy task to manufacture the Cybertruck as shown through the prototype that was unveiled in November 2019. The public saw a monster electric vehicle that will make use of robust materials.

As Musk reminded, the Cybertruck is a huge vehicle with a long truck bed and it can be imagined that perfecting the EV's production involves intricate techniques. That is why the executive seemed hesitant of a definite release date. The best that can promise is that smoother volume production is set for early 2022.

It can be assumed then that Tesla will assemble the Cybertruck in small numbers this year and make some adjustments to speed up the process for a large-volume target next year.

Electrek said it seemed apparent that Tesla is not in the position to make early deliveries of the Cybertruck. Musk himself admitted that the production lines are not yet in place to begin the manufacturing activities.

In such a case, it's more realistic to expect the Cybertruck release date somewhere between April and June 2022, added the report.