Ben Askren finally got his answer from Jake Paul and company, a fight that will push through in April. This early, pundits are giving the YouTuber the advantage although anything can happen in that clash.

Askren is best known as a wrestler and critics feel that he may not have the “hands” to deal with Paul in the scheduled exhibition bout. Most know how the 23-year-old knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson in November, landing an overhead right punch that knocked the 36-year-old out cold in the second round.

However, one person who spoke out on the fight is Michael Chandler. While he lauds Paul for choosing “Funky” he cautions the neophyte boxer not to take Askren for granted when he spoke on The Pat McAfee Show.


"Let’s be honest, Ben isn’t the most talented striker. If you are Jake Paul you chose the right mixed martial artist to step inside the boxing ring," Chandler stated. “But, I’m telling you right now, don’t overlook my man Ben. Number one, I hope he is getting paid a grip. Number two, I’m tuning in, I might even be there boxing ringside because that will be a fun one. I think it is awesome.”

One thing going against Askren is that he has not been that active in the mixed martial arts scene. He retired in 2019 after suffering back-to-back defeats. Regardless, he is not the type of person who would turn down a fight even if it is a fight sport he is now known for.

It will be recalled that Askren thought that the fight was off in December. After accepting Paul’s challenge, he revealed that everything went radio-silent.

Critics felt that Paul had his eyes set on Conor McGregor. But all that changed after the Irishman’s UFC 257 loss. “The Notorious” is expected to focus first on redeeming himself in the mixed martial arts scene before turning his attention to boxing. That also hints that McGregor’s dream fight with Manny Pacquiao has likely been shelved.

Paul is leaving no stones unturned. He is getting a lot of help and one of them is someone who fought Askren in the past – Jorge Masvidal. In a video, he tries to teach Paul a switch step to disguise a shifting overhand, something that he could use against “Funky.” But based on his try, the YouTuber may need more practice for better execution.