Floyd Mayweather Jr. will not be slugging it out with Logan Paul on Feb. 20 and the fight postponement was confirmed by a representative of the former pound-for-pound king.

It seemed unlikely that the bout will be rescheduled soon by Mayweather can instead set his sights on a rematch with Manny Pacquaio.

Such an exciting scenario is floating around in the wake of the deferred meeting between Mayweather and Paul. The five-division world boxing champion announced on December 2020 that he is returning to the ring next month for a money-spinner with Paul, who is better known for his YouTube antics than his fighting skills.

The surprise rescheduling of the exhibition seemed an anticipated outcome following reports that the showdown failed to attract the anticipated attention. In announcing the decision, the best that Mayweather's camp offer is that both parties are looking for a more suitable date to stage the match.

According to Bleacher Report, the COVID-19 pandemic and other unspecified reasons led to the fight postponement although Mayweather's representative provided a vague explanation on why the undefeated boxing legend lost the motivation to square off with Paul.

Boxing against a YouTube celebrity was not a well-received proposition in the first place. Analysts slammed the arrangement as chiefly influenced by the thought of raking in millions on a boxing duel that was described as a monumental mismatch.

And what likely will please boxing fans more is the challenge posed by Sean Gibbons, head of Manny Pacquiao's promotional outfit, upon hearing that the Mayweather vs. Paul is no more. Gibbons thought the American can still fight in the coming months by agreeing to a rematch with the Filipino boxing icon.

If Money, as Mayweather is known, says yes to another skirmish on the ring Pacquiao, he'll give his rival a shot for revenge. The two first clashed in 2015 and it ended in Mayweather's favor but both fighters earned hundreds of millions of dollars for the blockbuster boxing match that is still considered the biggest in terms of total revenues generated.

Gibbons said it's time for another round since both fighters are inactive and no fight dates are coming up anytime soon.

"Floyd, you can come and get some! Senator Pacquiao will send you into double retirement," World Boxing News reported Pacquiao's representative as saying.

It is not remote at all that both sides can agree on a deal. After all, the two fighters have unfinished business before them. Mayweather will want to continue with his winning ways while Pacquaio will want to prove he can score a win over his cunning American foe.

Undeniably too, the two legends are inclined to match or even exceed the earnings they realized during the first meeting and they are now presented with the golden opportunity.