USA Network has been sharing updates about the upcoming Queen of the South season 5. The official premiere date remains unknown as of this writing but fans already know what lies ahead for Alice Braga's Teresa Mendoza. New people come into her life and they could either help or break her.

Queen of the South season 5 is currently in production. The crime-drama wasn't able to kick off filming in early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest batch of episodes has been delayed and there's a question as to when they could arrive. The good thing is that the series shares some casting news.

In a recent report from Deadline, it has been confirmed that Pasha Lychnikoff is set to play a recurring role in the fifth installment. He's going to portray the character of Kostya, someone who could shake up Teresa's world and life moving forward.

Kostya is described as "military bearing beneath his Saville Row suit." His power and confidence make him more appealing to other people. He is also said to be "vicious, calculating, and extremely dangerous." He tends to watch his surroundings with "icy intensity."

What makes Kostya more dangerous is that he's wanted by the CIA. He's a war criminal, underworld oligarch, and enemy of the state. Moreover, this latest character is "funneling billions into the Cold War Redux." He is a ghost -- yet untouchable.

He knows a lot of strategies and remains out of reach, making him "insidiously ingenious and extremely deadly." Based on the character's description, Kostya will have a significant part in the story. There could be a showdown stored for him and Teresa in Queen of the South season 5.

It remains to be seen whether he's a friend or a foe for the queenpin. Given that Teresa's empire is expanding, the two will likely meet in an unexpected circumstance. Their worlds may collide -- even though Kostya is hard to find.

Meanwhile, Queen of the South season 5 sees Teresa dealing with the aftermath in the season 4 finale, particularly Tony Parra's (Julian Silva) death. Her battle against Judge Lafayette (David Andrews) becomes even more complicated, as well.

Her life is also in danger now that she reunited with James Valdez (Peter Gadiot). In addition, the latest chapter confirmed that Teresa is becoming more of the woman in white; her ruthless alter-ego. Yet, it's still a mystery how she gets to the top and who are the people who helped her in the process.

The 10 episodes of Queen of the South season 5 are slated to come out at some point in 2021.