Prince Harry's accent is changing and he is copying the speaking style and phrasing of his wife, Meghan Markle, according to a language expert who carefully studied the Duke of Sussex's podcast recording.

Sociologist and Babbel language expert Jennifer Dorman told Cosmopolitan that Harry used American phrases and terms like "awesome" and "you guys" on his Spotify podcast with his wife, which was released in late December 2020. He also said words like "love always wins" or "the power within us" and these uplifting and optimistic catchphrases are more closely associated with the American culture.

The expert also said that Harry's manner of speaking has morphed into a more laid-back delivery and Dorman has a theory. Because Harry has been in California since March 2020, Dorman said that the Duke of Sussex has acquired comprehension and adopted a social connection of what's immediately around him.

Despite this, Dorman doesn't think that Harry will lose his British accent. She cited that other British celebrities who have been staying in the U.S. for quite some time, such as Adele and Simon Cowell, still speak in their thick accents.

It's possible that the Duke of Sussex is "borrowing" his wife's speaking style to better fit in the American media. Or he could be mimicking Meghan because their interaction is so close and intimate as husbands and wives often pick up each other's habits.

Royal expert Judi James also noticed Harry is sounding more American in his video appearances. James also sees that the Duke of Sussex's verbal cues are a lot like his wife's. The expert explained that this could be Harry's way of immersing in the U.S. as this has been his home for nearly a year.

Meanwhile, Harry is due to return to London this summer to attend a couple of royal family events, such as Prince Philip's 100th birthday and the Trooping the Colour parade for Queen Elizabeth. Sources said that the Duke of Sussex might stay longer in the U.K. so he could retain his military titles and continue to support his patronage.

The insiders also suggested that Harry will fight to keep these roles even if he and Meghan won't return as a senior working royal. The Sussexes are supposed to get a review of their Megxit deal with Queen Elizabeth after March 2021 but the couple has yet to contact Buckingham Palace and arrange this meeting with Her Majesty.