Asta and Yuno are not only foster brothers; they are the best of friends but also rivals. As they both aspire to be the Wizard King, will it affect their relationship in Black Clover?

Asta and Yuno are competing to be the first Wizard King. This may mean that they may need to go against each other in Black Clover, making the fight between them inevitable.

According to Epic Dope, there are two ways that they may face each other to take the throne as the next king.

From a powerless boy, Asta has successfully established his pact with the devil. With the newfound strength, he can now face Yuno without the sweat.

He has the advantage of taking in close combats, while Yuno can fight in the distance. Although it remains to be seen how they will go in a battle if they will ever do so, this one will surely be exhilarating.

However, knowing Asta is the protagonist, there's no way for Yuno to become the Wizard King in Black Clover. Sure, Yuno has greater abilities than Asta, but there is enough evidence to prove the latter is stronger than his foster brother and has the edge to win their fight.

Yuno and Asta may also become enemies, and there's a strong possibility that the initial will turn out to be an anti-hero. After Zenon's attack, the change in Yuno's personality has become more evident.

He seems to be ready to kill anyone who will come his way as he takes his revenge. If this happens, he may indeed "annihilate all evil."

This will coincide with Asta's morals, as he strongly opposes the idea of doing something terrible to gain something favorable. He may do everything to bring Yuno back to himself, even if it means he has to fight and defeat him.

Asta and Yuno both grew up at Hage village. Although they are each other's number one rivals, they are also one another's best supporters, the Black Clover Fandom noted.

They have mutual respect and even stand for one another whenever they meet. They use their rivalry to improve themselves and reach their goals. Despite this, they never antagonize each other.

Now that the Black Clover anime is about to close, all eyes will be on its manga version, per Iowa State Daily. As the battle and rivalry continue, things will surely be pretty intense.

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