The new Netflix movie, Space Sweepers, is now making noise and putting the attention to its lead star, Song Joong Ki. With the film's success, the Hallyu star breaks his silence and talks about this new achievement.

Playing the role of the pilot Tae Ho, Song Joong Ki shows his superb acting style in Space Sweepers. However, aside from this, fans will see the 35-year-old star in action in the new Korean drama, Vincenzo.

In an interview with Soompi, Song Hye Kyo's ex-husband returned to the big screen four years after the 2017 film The Battleship Island. Although he didn't personally celebrate his return, he found it "very meaningful" to work with the director Jo Sung-Hee, who also directed his 2012 movie, A Werewolf Boy, with Park Bo Young.

At the time, he admitted they were still rookies, making him feel like his career began with the filmmaker himself. So, he felt a great connection with Sung-Hee, and it was an honor for the Arthdal Chronicles actor to star two of his films.

Turning to be Korea's "first sci-fi blockbuster," Song Joong Ki was confident to do this genre even if it was the first time. He didn't feel any pressure doing the film and he even wanted to try as many different movie themes as possible.

Anyhow, knowing it was also the first time for the Korean cinema to do a sci-fi movie, The Innocent Man star couldn't help but be worried about representing the country. Here, he played a father's role, which was a first for him, too.

Despite that, he felt excited playing the role, though he was a little unsure how to do it. He was also worried about how fans would react to it, but the movie's success meant that they approved of Song Joong Ki's new matured role.

Meanwhile, after Space Sweepers, the actor will once again return on the small screen with Vincenzo. Here, he will play the role of a consigliere to an Italian mafia, GMA Network noted.

Netflix has dropped the official trailer for the upcoming drama, showing Song Joong Ki in his full Vicenzo Cassano character in full glory. He is a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer who is not afraid to go after the untouchable conglomerates even if it means he has to play their dirty games.

As early as now, the new show's writer Park Jae Bum has nothing but good praises for the famed Korean star, per Pink Villa. He is impressed with Song Joong Ki's professionalism and dedication to perfectly play this role.

Vincenzo is set to be out on Saturday, February 20. Its new episodes will drop every weekend on Netflix.

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