Attack on Titan Chapter 138 may be the main climax of the series now that the manga is about to end. There are only two chapters left before Hajime Isayama's brainchild officially concludes, and things may get pretty intense.

All the story's conflicts are expected to be resolved in Attack on Titan Chapter 138. The final chapter may only feature an epilogue to give the surviving characters the chance to properly say goodbye to the fans they have been with for more than a decade.

Indeed, Zeke's death has stopped the Rumbling, but, according to BlockToro, it may begin anytime again. Its sudden stop may not mean that the great Titan war is over, and it only seems to confirm that Zeke may be the one that controls the horde of attacking Titans.

Knowing Isayama, he may pull a real shocker in the penultimate chapter to make the turn of events more intense. Eren may eat some parts of Zeke's body to gain his powers that will enable him to resume the Rumbling.

VG Culture HQ added Eren needs the Rumbling to break the cycle and stop repeating the history of Titan attacks. It may be the reason why Ymir, the Founder, sent him a message 2,000 years ago that gave birth to the Chapter 1 and Chapter 122 titles, "To You, 2,000 Years from Now" and "From You, 2,000 Years Ago."

Eren and Ymir are said to be the same, and the only difference between them is that Eren has the stronger will. However, they both want the same thing to happen, and Attack on Titan Chapter 138 may confirm this.

Though the theory about the Rumbling's continuation seems unlikely, with the assumption that Eren's will is to wipe out humanity, it is not far from happening. Only a few fan-favorite characters may survive, and it may lead to a bitter-sweet ending.

Anyhow, Comicbook noted Eren's dream for a total genocide seems to be only an illusion. Now that Zeke has turned his back on him, it just means that he has lost all of his allies in Attack on Titan Chapter 138.

Although Chapter 137's massive explosion makes everyone believe Eren is dead, it may never happen that early. Eren will surely stay in the series until the end to bid his final farewell.

As one of the most favorite characters, his goodbye will surely be a tearjerker. Although it may be too late to ask for redemption, Isayama still has enough time to let Eren make peace with everyone.

The second-to-the-last chapter will drop a month from now, on Tuesday, March 9, while the final chapter will be out in April. This means fans only have two months before they see Attack on Titan's official ending.

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