BTS debuted more than seven years ago. But, the seven K-Pop stars began to establish their ties with each other even before Big Hit Entertainment introduced them to the public.

In the more than ten years of friendship and brotherhood, many individuals are seemingly intrigued as to how close the members are. Koreaboo, later on, listed some of the events when the septet publicly showed their care toward one another.

One of the included moments is Jin and Jimin's brief, "cute" encounter during the 2017 Melon Music Awards. The clip shows how the "Filter" singer was struggling with the buttons of his shirt. Jin immediately noticed his co-member's problem, and consequently turned to Jimin and helped him with the buttons.

The publication, also, included an "unforgettable" moment between Suga and J-Hope. In one of their previous interviews, Yoongi revealed that there was a time when he took Hoseok to the emergency room because he was sick.

He said that he carried his co-rapper on his back on the way to the hospital. While J-Hope appreciated the moment, they laughed it all out when he said that everyone has already heard about it several times.

V and Jungkook had separate "caring" stories, as well. When V was posing for a photo, Jungkook checked whether the floor was slippery. He seemingly did it following TXT member Hueningkai's accidental slip on the same spot the week prior.

The outlet listed only some of the moments when BTS members showed how much they care for each other. Several netizens even noted that the septet has an incredible and impressive closeness with one another, as seen on their public and virtual appearances.

In an online forum, Quora, many people discussed how the K-Pop idols take care of their co-members in the past few years. A number of ARMYs revealed that each of the artists has different and distinct ways of showing this.

As explained, the eldest member of the South Korean band takes care of the rest as a mother does to a child. Jin appears to have utilized several practices like a mother would do based on the age gap he has with everyone.

BTS leader RM, reportedly, has a similar way of taking care of his co-members. Considering that he is the head of the group, many fans believe that he and Jin share the same deeds when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of everyone in the band.

V and J-Hope, on the other hand, show they care for their "brothers" by making them happy. Netizens conceded that the two K-Pop stars have identical ways to do this.

As for Jimin, ARMYs noticed that he deeply cares for all the members of BTS, as well as everything that surrounds him and the group. Conversely, Suga shows his in subtle styles.

Meanwhile, being the youngest member, Jungkook, reportedly, cares for his elder "brothers" in a shy and quiet manner. He, nevertheless, has genuine bonds with the rest of the band.