Blue Bloods season 11 has been on hiatus for a few weeks now. The police procedural drama is set to return next week on CBS. Despite the wait, some cast members have been sharing updates on what's coming next in the story. For instance, Vanessa Ray's Eddie Janko-Reagan will have her own storyline.

Recently, Ray uploaded a time-lapse video on her Instagram account. She is getting her make-up done as Eddie, and then a black eye is applied to her. This seemingly suggests that something bad happened to the character in one of the upcoming episodes of Blue Bloods season 11.

It's yet to be seen what caused this black eye, but this might be connected to her job. Eddie's life was put in danger several times already and it looks like she'll continue to risk her safety to protect those who need her. She is willing to throw herself in trouble for the sake of other people.

Ray is wearing Eddie's uniform in the clip, which implies that she is out in the field when she got her black eye. In the event that she, indeed, gets in trouble, she has the support of the people around her -- especially her husband Jamie Reagan (Will Estes).

Aside from Ray's social media update, Erin Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan, also teased some changes in Blue Bloods season 11. The actress posted a photo of herself with the Williamsburg Bridge in the background on her Instagram account. This only means that the location will be featured in the series.

One of the biggest filming challenges for the police procedural drama is capturing the authenticity of New York City. The cast and crew couldn't go to the same locations now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that's why they opt for less-populated areas.

As for what stories are coming for Erin moving forward, a lot of things are coming for her. While wasn't able to get the DA position, she still got a lot of responsibilities. She could deal with more tough cases even though she didn't end up getting the position that she wants.

The next episode of Blue Bloods season 11 is "More Than Meets the Eye." No official details have been revealed at the moment, but it could be related to the case the Reagans need to take one. There could surprises and revelations coming in along the way.

Blue Bloods season 11 is returning on Friday, March 5, on CBS.