Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's upcoming major interview with Oprah Winfrey has sparked a bidding war between U.K. broadcasters, Sky and ITV, but some royal experts think the Duke of Sussex will stay tight-lipped about the royal family.

According to Variety, ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group wants Meghan and Harry's interview to air on free TVamong international broadcasters to gather a significant profile. In the U.S. the special will run on Mar. 7 on CBS.

The report also cited that ITV could land the rights to broadcast the couple's first major interview since they stepped away from their royal duties. ITV was also the broadcaster that made Meghan and Harry's 2019 documentary, where both admitted their personal struggles as members of the royal family.

However, royal expert Arthur Edwards does not think that Harry will have a lot to say about his life as a royal in this interview with Winfrey. Edwards said that the Duke of Sussex knows so much better than to make his family upset and he will not do that with his interview because he's aware he will still be back to the U.K.

It comes as Harry received a lot of flak from critics over the Sussex pair's response to Queen Elizabeth's announcement of their decision to completely let go of their royal duties. Her Majesty announced last week that Harry and Meghan will lose their royal patronages as well as Harry's military roles.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex responded to the statement by saying that "service is universal," and hinted that they do not need to be royals to become public servants. Even Prince William was reportedly upset by the response and thought his brother was being disrespectful to their grandmother.

A friend, however, believes that the statement was taken out of context. Dean Stott, a former soldier who has been Harry's pal for more than a decade, said that the Sussexes have more opportunities to help now that they have gone beyond the royal family circle.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Angela Levin also does not think Harry will cause problems with the royal family by doing this high-profile interview. Levin said that Harry is aware the royal family has to have mystery and magic to their fascinating life and that would mean holding back details and secrets.

Harry is also close to the Queen and has been regularly in touch with her, despite their disagreements. Sources said that Harry talks more often to Queen Elizabeth than Prince Charles or Prince William on the phone or through video conferencing in this unusual time.