Prince William and Prince Harry each did an act of kindness this week by donating money to families and communities in need of resources.

Prince William made a private donation to the families of the rangers protecting the Virunga National Park in Congo, who were attacked and killed in January 2021 by illegal wildlife traders. According to Hello!, six families will receive the Duke of Cambridge's donation to Fallen Ranger Fund.

The second in line to the throne condemned the killing and said that the attack was a horrendous act of violence against individuals helping to protect and conserve wildlife. William said that rangers should grapple with such a situation, resolving his fight against the illegal trade of animals.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, donated to the Genesis Women's Shelter & Support in Texas, which has been closed due to damages incurred after the recent storm. The shelter for domestic violence victims has been around for 40 years but the flooding has forced the facilities to shut down for the first time.

A staff from Genesis confirmed the donation of Harry and Meghan Markle in a post on Twitter. The CEO of the organization said that they will use the money for roof repairs and other transitional needs. However, the operators of Genesis said it might take months to reopen the facilities.

It comes as an insider revealed that William did not like Harry's response to Queen Elizabeth, who confirmed over the weekend that Harry and Meghan have completely resigned from their royal duties and will not be back as working royals. The Sussexes then issued a statement saying that the life of "service is universal" and that tone apparently "did not sit well" with William, according to royal correspondent Katie Nicholls.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Nicholls said that William felt Harry disrespected Queen Elizabeth. It sounded like Harry was answering back at their grandmother. Nicholls also said that William might have been feeling protective of the Queen since their grandfather, Prince Philip, has been staying at the hospital for over a week.

In 2019, Harry said in an interview that he has decided to go on a different path from his brother. Destiny places William with a concrete role as the future King of England, with Harry, the spare, as his support.

However, since having his own family, Harry felt that he can do more if he is out of the royal fold and venturing his own destiny. In January 2020, Harry and Meghan told the royal family they wanted out. Queen Elizabeth agreed on the condition that their year-long work outside of The Firm will be re-evaluated after a year. The Sussexes were supposed to have that re-evaluation in March 2021 but they've been in constant talks with the Queen this February.