Dispatch has surprised the public, once again, with another dating revelation. Based on their latest claims, it appears that BIGBANG's G-Dragon and BLACKPINK's Jennie are in a secret relationship for about a year now.

The report came earlier Wednesday and several publications have since broken the news on various platforms. Koreaboo released a similar article, detailing what Dispatch found out about the two K-Pop idols.

As explained, witnesses, reportedly, spotted Jennie and G-Dragon on "multiple dates" these past few weeks. But, the pair mostly meets "each other in secret" at the Coup d'Etat singer's luxury villa in Hannam-dong.

While the South Korean rapper's penthouse has rigorous security measures, which include a two-step verification process, before allowing guests to enter the premises, reports said that the "SOLO" singer "had no problem going through the front door." There are claims, as well, that the BLACKPINK member's car is registered at the said villa.

The outlet continued that Jennie's "dating routine" was consistent over the last few weeks. She would, reportedly, go over to G-Dragon's house after working on promotions and projects with her bandmates.

She would spend time with the BIGBANG member and head home afterward. Dispatch noted, however, that this routine of hers continued despite finishing the promotional period.

The same source, then, added that Jennie was leaving G-Dragon's home hours before BLACKPINK's virtual concert, The Show, on January 31. Witnesses, also, allegedly, found the "Without You" singer's car at the venue of the event, according to Soompi.

Dispatch, later on, emphasized that the relationship between the two South Korean artists is a "widely known secret" within YG Entertainment. There were even times when Jennie's manager would take her to and from her reported boyfriend's home. If not, though, G-Dragon's manager would drive her instead.

Sources close to the BLACKPINK and BIGBANG members told the local outlet that the all-female group's label has already noticed the romantic links between the two. Jennie's mother, reportedly, knows about it, as well, adding that she is "thankful" for G-Dragon's "special care" for her daughter.

When asked for a comment, though, YG Entertainment stated that they could not confirm anything about their artists' personal lives. They instead asked for the public's and publications' understanding.

This is not the first time Jennie faced dating reports from Dispatch. Earlier in 2019, the local outlet revealed that the BLACKPINK member was dating EXO's Kai after spotting the two on multiple occasions since late 2018.

The pair consequently confirmed the relationship before their fans and followers. A few weeks after, though, the two K-Pop stars informed the public that they had ended their romantic ties.