Sailing experts say it's wide-open who will win the America's Cup.

Luna Rossa and Team New Zealand kick off their best of 13 series for the Auld Mug March 6.

Team UK tactician Giles Scott says where he feels the Italians could have it over Team NZ is in that they're match hardened, having gone through the Prada Cup campaign and while Team NZ have been out on the water and say they've prepared to come into the series without the races behind them, Scott says it's an inescapable factor.

"I think they will have an advantage there for sure," Scott told Stuff of Luna Rossa, he said in an interview with

"One thing that has stepped up a good few levels is the action in the pre-start from the America's Cup World Series, when Team New Zealand were last racing.

"So for me that will be the interesting one, to see how it plays out.

"We've seen Team New Zealand out there warming up before our races and they've obviously been studying what's been going on in the racing over the past few weeks, because you can see their approach changing a bit.

"It's going to be fascinating to see how the final pans out, but I'm obviously disappointed we won't be in it."

A key factor in the Prada Cup final was the edge Luna Rossa had over Team UK in the lighter winds. But was it a case that Team UK were dreadful in these conditions, or Luna Rossa were outstanding and will have the same advantage in the America's Cup match?

"It's going to be interesting to see," Scott said.

"For sure, Luna Rossa is really strong in the light.

"But I'd say the Kiwis were reasonably strong in the light and in the breeze.

"Luna Rossa is going to be able to take it to the Kiwis across the wind range and I think everyone knows they've got a little wheelhouse in the light."

There was plenty of friction between Team UK and Luna Rossa during the Prada Cup, especially over the Italians changing the upper wind limit, refusing to want to delay the final when Auckland was in alert level 2 and not inviting Team UK to the final news conference.