ITZY has become one of today's trendiest and most popular K-Pop groups. The five-member band from South Korea debuted only in 2019. But, in the short few years since their arrival in the world of Korean entertainment, they have already started to dominate international stages and music charts.

As junior K-Pop idols, the girls seemingly have lots of respect for their seniors. Apart from this, though, the group members appear to be fans of other all-female bands, as well, in the industry.

Ryujin has proved this time and time again as she always sings and dances to BLACKPINK's productions. She even sang one of the group's latest tracks during the first episode of their own web variety show, Itz Playtime.

Koreaboo said that the rest of the ITZY members could not handle Ryujin's fangirling moment. They all appeared shy when their co-member started to sing "How You Like That."

It all happened after the five K-Pop idols sat down for a lie detector test with their young guests. The two kids asked Ryujin whether she sings while taking a shower.

The 19-year-old artist revealed that she sings but, not all the time. Upon responding, the interviewers asked her what song she usually does during her shower periods.

She started to sing the first few notes of BLACKPINK's track. However, the rest of the ITZY members started to laugh, as if they all had an inside joke to it.

Despite this, Ryujin asked them to stop laughing. She, then, sang the first few lines of "How You Like That," causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Reports said that this is not the first time Ryujin performed a song from BLACKPINK before an audience. The same publication recalled that she once sang "Lovesick Girls" during their live broadcast. This has since seemingly proven that the ITZY members, especially Ryujin, are all BLINKs.

Apart from the five K-Pop idols, there are, also, several other South Korean artists who are fans of BLACKPINK. Netizens even discussed the matter in an online forum, Quora.

Many individuals appear to have taken an interest in which K-Pop groups and stars are huge fans of the "Ice Cream" singers. The majority of the respondents said that the BTS members are only some of the biggest fans of BLACKPINK.

Some netizens claimed, as well, that a few members of EXO and Red Velvet are like ITZY's Ryujin. They do not shy away from sharing with their audience how much they like BLACKPINK and their songs.