Prince George is only just seven years old and he's still enjoying his childhood with his two other siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. In due time, however, the young Cambridge child will be sitting on the British throne and to prepare for this role, he may need to undergo military training.

The documentary William & Kate: The Journey, Part 4, explores how George has to follow the customs and enter military service one day. For many generations, members of the royal family have served in uniform as it is seen as part of their leadership training.

While it is not a strict requirement, future monarchs have to understand how the military operates since they will also the head of the Armed Services and talk with servicemen as part of their royal roles. Thus, they have to get first-hand experience about the training and the life of a serviceman in the Armed Forces. The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William all signed up for roles in the military and Her Majesty herself served during the Second World War in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS).

However, questions have come to light if George would actually want to take part in military service. By the time he is of age to take on more royal roles, things could massively change in the world and the military as well.

Apparently, the number of men in the Royal Army has dwindled since it was established four centuries ago. Royal expert Robert Jobson said that military service in George's time could become unchartered territory as it will become technically advanced and less reliant on men in the frontlines.

Jobson, however, still thinks that George will spend "some time" as a serviceman. But like his father, the Duke of Cambridge, he will not be serving in the war but only to get to experience what this particular public service is like.

The Cambridges, however, have hinted that George might take the military path. They have shared photos of George in a camouflage. William and Kate Middleton also said that they have discussed World War II with their son to help him understand why they celebrate and honor the veterans every year. The young child apparently likes watching documentaries of this part of history.

George is currently in Year 3 at Thomas's Battersea in London and while he's still learning what he can become, his future is already set in stone as the next King of the United Kingdom after William, Charles and Queen Elizabeth.