Roughly two weeks before the first anniversary of Apple's retail store shut down in the United States, all 270 stores have reopened.

Limited Services in Some Stores

For the first time in nearly a year, all Apple stores in the U.S. are open as the company reopened the last closed shops in Texas on Monday. However, some stores have limited offerings.

Customers would have to check the Apple website before dropping by the physical store to find out if the nearby shop is open for walk-in service.

While some stores allow customers to enter and browse products, some locations have opted for appointment-only services that allow for shopping with an Apple specialist through the Apple Store app. Many branches have enforced reduced occupancy as a safety protocol.

Reopened Apple stores that allow walk-in service also require all customers to wear masks as the company enforces health and safety guidelines recommended by the authorities.

The Apple website also clarified that services in the reopened locations "can change at any time" and recommended that customers check store services frequently to ensure a safe and enjoyable store visit.

Apple's 2020 Reopening Rumble

Apple stores have been faced with multiple reopening delays over the past year, with some locations being forced to shut down and reopen up to four times.

The first phase of store reopening kicked off from May 11. Since then, Apple stores have been ordered to re-close, reopen, and wait for further instructions as COVID-19 cases in the U.S. fluctuated.

Apple stores also took a hit from evolving health guidelines that kept changing whenever new outbreaks or cluster infections were detected in some states.

In California, store reopening were delayed by wildfire smoke, while Texas store reopening were pushed back further due to severe winter storms.

It remains to be seen whether Apple stores will remain open for a longer period as the fate of the shops relies on the company's evaluation of COVID-19 conditions in the country.

Apple Stores Global Update

Meanwhile, some Apple stores around the world have yet to reopen after the pandemic put operations to an abrupt halt.

In France, eight stores are waiting to reopen, while 2 stores are expected to reopen soon in Brazil. Apple Stores in Mexico are expected to reopen on Tuesday, while all locations in Australia, Canada, mainland China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and other countries have already reopened.

In South Korea, the second Apple Store opened at the IFC Mall Seoul on Friday, drawing a line of customers who were required to wear masks and practice social distancing even if the store only offered appointment-only service on opening day.

Apple first started shutting down stores across the U.S. on March 13, 2020 - the same day the Washington Monument was ordered to close temporarily as COVID-19 cases across Washington, D.C. spread.