After Yashahime reveals the truth about the rainbow pearl's existence, will Riku finally succeed to return the seven of it to Lady Zero in Yashahime Episode 22? Anyhow, with Lady Zero's impersonation, fans wonder what her real motive is.

Lady Zero lost her emotions when the Shikon Jewel turned her tears into seven rainbow pearls. So, after Riku approached Towa to gather the pearls, will he able to save Lady Zero in Yashahime Episode 22?

The new episode preview, via Epic Dope, shows Lady Zero disguising herself as another woman named Otsuyu. She approaches Miroku and revokes her spell on Setsuna.

The latter's demon powers then start to burst out, causing her to lash at her sisters. Towa tries to stop Setsuna, who is starting to harm everyone, but she can't seem to match her sister's incredible power.

With Lady Zero's move, what is her real motive to do this in Yashahime Episode 22? Also, fans want to know her true relation with the demon Kirinmaru. Talking about Setsuna, will she able to control her demon powers and tame herself?

There are only two episodes left before Yashahime comes to an end. So, fans can expect a more intense turn of events as Lady Zero is now on the move.

In Yashahime Episode 21, Riku learned that the Dog-Demon of the West was seen at Kamakura, where the Beautiful Mystery Demon-Zero, Beast King Kirinmaru, and other demons held their meeting. Konton and Kyuki saw this as the perfect time to attack and put the devil down, OtakuKart News noted.

If it happened, Kyuki believed they could finally rule the entire land. Konton then asked Kirinmaru for orders, but the latter said they would never go against anyone weak or injured.

He wanted a fair fight, and he didn't want others to see him as a weak demon who fought other wounded demons. He then advised Konton to win every battle with honor.

Kirinmaru then called Riku, who used teleportation to go inside the ship and bowed in front of him. He told him to gather medicinal herb to give to Dog-Demon.

If he would go in a battle against the demon, Kirinmaru wanted him to be fully healed. Riku did what he was bid and teleported to the forest. However, Beautiful Mystery Demon-Zero said if it were not for Kirinmaru, they could have ruled the world.

Yashahime Episode 22 is set to be out on Saturday, March 6, at 5:30 p.m. Fans can see it on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

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