Yuta Okkotsu and Yuji Itadori's fight will continue in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 141. After their faceoff in the previous installment, who will have the upper hand in the battle this time?

It will be two versus two in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 141. After Naoya Zenin joined forces with Yuta to bring Yuji down, Choso will help his brother to escape. However, with the rumors of Gojo's arrival, can he help the two?

Choso has devised a plan to help Yuji escape Yuta and Naoya. He faces Naoya to give Yuji a chance to get away.

However, with the immense power Yuta has, Yuji has to defeat him first before can go free. Yuji has a hard time bringing his executioner down, and his abilities may not be enough to do so.

Yuji is still relatively weak and recovering from his battle against Getou and Mahito. So, according to Epic Dope, his inner Sukuna might come out to help him beat Yuta.

On the other hand, despite possessing extraordinary abilities, fans wonder if Choso can handle Naoya, knowing the latter can go full speed. Recent Highlights added that if Yuji manages to escape Yuta, Naoya may block his way even though he is going against Choso.

As Yuji and Choso are in danger, there are theories Gojo Satoru will be finally out of prison in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 141. If this happens, he may help Yuji and Choso face the two. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 140 began with Choso and Yuji's fight against Naoya when Yuta suddenly arrived. The latter quickly identified Yuji, while Choso knew he was his pal's executioner.

The two allies quickly saw Yuta's overflowing cursed energy, so they started crafting an escape plan in their heads. However, Naoya was already teaming up with the newly-arrived enemy to fight against them.

Yuta agreed, so he eyed Yuji for an intense battle, while Naoya focused on bringing Choso down. Though Naoya showed powerful, speedy attacks, Choso could block him easily.

Naoya started to mock Choso's ability, advising him to give up, which made him extremely angry. The insult made Choso determined to get the better of his enemy and ultimately eliminate him. 

Could Yuta and Choso win over the overwhelming cursed energies of Yuta and Naoya? Find out when Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 141 drops on Sunday, March 7, on Shone Jump's official website, per Devdiscourse.

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