Fans will miss Kingdom Chapter 672 this week as the manga goes on a break. However, when it returns, there will be a lot of intense turn of events readers are about to see.

With the delay, its spoilers and raw scans' release will also be moved. As everyone wants to have an idea of what will happen next, here is when fans may get their hands on the leaks.

It may take a little while before fans get to see the manga's next installment summary. According to Epic Dope, with the hiatus, the spoilers may not be out until Tuesday, March 9.

The Korean raw scans usually drop earlier than other leaks as it is often on advanced transportation schedule. However, fans should take the Korean spoilers with a grain of salt as it is not always reliable.

Anyhow, Kingdom Chapter 672 spoilers and summary will be updated once the leaks and raw scans from the trusted sources are already verified. It will be then later translated into English.

So, what may happen here? Sei is, reportedly, planning to form a new 6GG system with Moubu, Tou, Ousen, Yotanwa, and Kanki.

But as this should be composed of six generals, it remains to be seen who will complete the group. Will it be revealed in the next chapter?

There are theories that Kingdom Chapter 672 will introduce the sixth general. After that, this person may become a part of the manga storyline forward.

Meanwhile, aside from the manga, fans will soon see its anime adaptation hitting the small screen. The franchise's official Twitter account recently dropped a new Kingdom Season 3 trailer, highlighting its return, via Anime News Network.

Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump magazine will publish a special interview with the anime's staff over the next four weeks, starting with the upcoming 14th issue to treat the fans. Director Kenichi Imaizumi and the producers will give everyone a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes works, from producing the new season to working amid the COVID-19 pandemic and more.

No wonder it has been part of MyAnimeList's ten best manga of all time with the franchise's fame, per CBR. It gets the tenth spot for being an award-winner and breaking the Guinness World Record for being the manga created by a significant number of people.

Anyhow, fans will finally see Kingdom Chapter 672 on Sunday, March 14. On the other hand, Kingdom Season 3 will start airing on Sunday, April 4.