Attack on Titan Chapter 138 will finally drop after a month. Several theories are surrounding the penultimate chapter with the manga's nearing ending, but one is gaining traction on Twitter.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 leaks and raw scans are expected to drop anytime now. However, this unverified spoiler gets everyone's attention for revealing an alleged relationship between Eren and Historia.

According to BlockToro, fans are about to see Historia holding a baby in the next chapter. Eren will then take the kid from her and say Zeke's name.

Although Historia didn't reveal the identity of her kid's father, there are assumptions it is Zeke's child. However, Quora user Neithorn Ballad claimed either Eren or the farmer is the real birth father of Historia's baby.

Why Eren? Ballad explained the evident closeness Eren and Historia have. They have a lot of things in common, even being enemies of humanity.

Eren has been withholding details about Historia from the army to save her. He also wants to stop the possibility that she will continue the cycle of "passing down royal blooded titans" to her future kids.

So, if Historia will have a kid, she may choose Eren as the father. The time of his pregnancy also proved so.

Historia got pregnant before Eren left Marley. After he learned about Yelena's plan, he informed Flock and Historia about it, and something might have happened between the two.

It is also good to note that the manga's final panel Hajime Isayama revealed in November 2018 showed a man carrying a child, saying, "You are free." As Eren has always been fighting for freedom, this mysterious guy maybe him.

Elsewhere, there are theories Armin will transform into Colossal Titan in Attack on Titan Chapter 138. Three scout members may meet their demise, including Levi.

Devdiscourse added Mikasa and Anne might also be part of the list. On the other hand, Yelena may even die after being unable to accept Zeke's death. Anyhow, Falco, Connie, and Pieck may survive.

Eren may also die, though it may happen in the final chapter. In the upcoming installment, fans may see him eating Zeke's parts to gain his Titan Beast ability and continue the Rumbling.

The protagonist turned antagonist may commit genocide, wipe out humanity, and only a few characters may survive. After Isayama gave an update about the series, per ComicbookAttack on Titan Chapter 138 will finally drop on Tuesday, March 9.

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