Mehrad Hidden, a rapper from Iran, has been wrapped up in a "war" with the BTS ARMY after the K-pop stars' legion of fans accused him of making homophobic slurs against their idols and for stealing their BTS logos. 

According to reports, Hidden, who is part of the Iranian rap group Zedbazi, took ideas from some of the BTS ARMY's registered logo and claimed it as his own. The ARMY informed the rapper of the similarities of his designs to their logos on social media. 

But Hidden didn't budge to the mob and allegedly made homophobic comments about BTS. His followers on social media also posted derogatory comments against the fans and their idols. 

However, some of the other fans said that this could have been just a case of misunderstandings because of the language barriers. They said that some comments could be taken as malicious and hurtful but it may have been lost in translation as well.

Amid the trouble on his social media, Hidden has  not apologized to the BTS ARMY because he felt he did not do anything wrong. Instead, he called out the fans for making him the target of harassment. 

In another post on Instagram, Hidden made his stand firm that he didn't copy the BTS logos from the ARMY. Unfortunately, these has been taken down and deleted due to copyright issues but he has appealed to reinstate those posts as he was not given a chance to refute the allegations before it was removed.

The "war" comes as BTS made another mark after being named the "biggest recording act in the world," according to the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), The South Korean K-pop group beat the likes of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber with this new recognition. 

Per the IFPI, BTS led in the album sales of the digital and physical formats, including CDs and vinyl, across the world. The group has become the very first non-English speaking act to reach number one in this ranking. 

It's rare for a non-English language album to find international success but BTS have done the unimaginable with Dynamite, according to Forbes. Because of this recent honor, everyone is expecting BTS to walk away with many awards at the upcoming Grammy, where they will also perform for the world.