TWICE recently concluded their second virtual concert on Saturday. While fans and followers, indeed, had a great time witnessing the K-Pop girl group's performances, reports noted that the public noticed a touching moment that left many people in awe.

This comes after members Nayeon and Jeongyeon shared a heart-warming performance on stage. Koreaboo reported that they "touched hearts" as Nayeon showed her subtle support toward her co-member.

While singing one of their most beautiful songs, "The Reason Why," Nayeon showed how much she cares for Jeongyeon. She moved closer to her friend and held her hand as she sang her lines before the audience.

The publication added that they did not let go of each other's hands during the entire song. Moreover, Nayeon, also, made the environment even more comfortable for her co-member by playing with Jeongyeon's hair in another track performance.

The outlet noted that the TWICE members likely showed their support toward Jeongyeon following her return to the group. As reported, she took a break from her stint with the K-Pop band due to anxiety attacks.

The Straits Times previously reported that the South Korean singer started her break earlier in October. She did not join the rest of the group's promotional activities for their second studio album, Eyes Wide Open.

A month after, though, she made an appearance on social media to mark her birthday. Jeongyeon's sister, actress Gong Seung-yeon took the video of her singing in front of her cake and posted it after.

Nayeon showing her care and support for Jeongyeon did not surprise many fans and followers. As discussed by many netizens on Quora, the two TWICE members share a close friendship with several ONCEs believing that they have the closest ties among all.

One respondent, also, shared that the two K-Pop idols "act like an old married couple" as they always "fight in an endearing way." But, despite this, they still love and care for each other, causing some fans to conclude that they have a "love-hate relationship."

It is, also, reportedly, clear to many ONCEs that Nayeon and Jeongyeon are "extremely close" since their debut. As explained, they met each other even before TWICE's emergence because they were supposed to debut together as members of another K-Pop girl group, 6mix.

Reports pointed out, as well, that Jeongyeon is not the only TWICE member who received love and care from Nayeon while performing on stage. In the past, she did the same thing to Mina as she held her hand in front of their audience following Mina's return from her break due to anxiety issues.