Prince William and Kate Middleton keep their doors open for a reconciliation with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle despite an anticipated controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey, where the Sussex pair could expose the hypocrisy of the royal family.

According to a friend of the Cambridges, Kate feels that it's not too late to pull back Harry and Meghan and ask them to return to their royal duties. While the Cambridges recognize the bumps ahead, they are still hopeful that the royal family will see through this together and William and Harry will completely patch up their rift.

The source also said that the rift has been sad for both sides. However, there's still a lot of hope that their relationship will improve, given the time.

However, William and Kate are also trying to stay away from the drama surrounding Harry and Meghan. Another source told Page Six that the Cambridges have been trying to remain discreet and say nothing about the interview.

There are fears around William and Kate's staff members that Harry and Meghan might air out their problems with the Cambridges. If Meghan were to lay bare her feelings over the rift and what started this, royal observers believe that it could hurt the future of the monarchy.

In the teasers, Meghan said in the interview that she cannot believe that The Firm would "perpetuate falsehoods" about her and Harry. She also told Winfrey that she was not allowed to have interviews during her time as a working royal. Since stepping back from the royal fold, Meghan said that she could now freely address all the issues about her, which were highlighted negatively in the British tabloid press.

This was not the first time the Sussexes suggested that there had been leaks within the royal circle to the media. In 2019, there were implications that William conspired with the press to smear Harry and Meghan. According to The Times, it was William's camp that kept leaking reports about Meghan and her father, Thomas Markle, who have been estranged since 2018.

The report suggested that William encouraged the press to negatively write stories about his sister-in-law and her side of the family in an effort to boost his kingship. He apparently did this as he was also swamped in a scandal, over his alleged affair with Rose Hanbury.

The Cambridges never addressed the reports about William's alleged affair. Hanbury was seen with the pair in January 2020 for Kate's low-key birthday lunch in Norfolk.