Prince Charles has written a piece on the importance of vaccination to "protect and liberate" the most vulnerable people against COVID-19 amid a move from several European countries to pause on the British-made AstraZeneca vaccine rollout because of blood clots concerns.

In an article published on Future Healthcare Journal, Charles wrote that vaccination is a significant approach to healthcare and has a great track record of ridding the world of many deadly diseases. The Prince of Wales also criticized those who oppose the vaccination rollout when it could protect the most vulnerable.

Charles has been advocating for the public to get the vaccine even before the rollout started. He was especially concerned when minority communities in Britain have been reluctant to get the jab.

The 72-year-old royal tested positive and exhibited minor symptoms for coronavirus in late March 2020. He and his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, were vaccinated in February 2021 but didn't say what vaccine brand they had. On Tuesday, Camilla revealed that she was given an AstraZeneca shot and said that she didn't experience any side effects. 

The duchess also said that the process did not hurt at all. Camilla said she was waiting to get the vaccine because she didn't want to panic about the disease anymore. 

Her revelation comes as a number of reported cases from more than a dozen countries, mostly from Western Europe, stated that AstraZeneca could be linked to the development of blood clots. Despite this, health experts told CNN that it could be mistake to halt the rollout when there are still no clear scientific evidence to validate the claims.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he will get vaccinated shorty with AstraZeneca, even as the vaccine will undergo a safety review. Johnson, 56, confirmed that he got the call from the National Health Service (NHS) and is in line for the rollout. He said that it's the best news he has about AstraZeneca.

Charles' mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, also pushed for vaccination and said that it was a painless process. The queen also made a plea towards anti-vaxxers to "think about other people rather than themselves."

Queen Elizabeth, 94, had her injection in January with Prince Philip, 99, at Windsor Castle. Buckingham Palace did not release the vaccine brand.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles has been visiting vaccine centres around Britain with his wife. Though the royal couple have had their vaccination, they still wear face masks to further limit potential exposure to the virus.